Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Cowley Street jam war breaks out again!

The seasonal jam war in Cowley Street has broken out, coinciding with the first crops of fruit. The story so far: friendly competition took place last year between myself and Linda Seekings, wife of Gordon from Membership Services, to win the affections of colleagues by providing home made jam in the Cowley St kitchen. .
Staff were treated to a huge array of the usual and downright obscure from the world of jam. War weary staff were forced to choose between 6 or 7 different types of jam at the same time to have on their toast in the morning.

This year the jam war is being repeated. This week, my gooseberry and elderflower jam went into battle with Linda's loganberry. But I introduced an unexpected secret weapon into the jam war by bringing in home made elderflower pancakes! So first round in the war end with a win for me with not only jam for the Cowley Street masses, but also something to spread it on!

The Parliamentary Team however demanded their piece of the action and after emails were sent complaining no jam was being delivered to the kitchens in the House, I brought in an extra jar for he who made the most noise, a certain Mr Norman Lamb MP. He even paid up a couple of quid for a jar of gooseberry and elderflower. I could keep my local party funds afloat on jam!

My next jam venture is to make gooseberry and cherry jam. The plan was to make it tonight but that seems unlikely now. I'll do it tomorrow. I also have a large amount of mint growing as well. Will make a rather nice jelly. And that will go well with Lamb!
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