Wednesday, January 28, 2009

French Google Earth and other stories

There is a barely known island in the Indian Ocean called Mayotte. It is a French dependency and I visited it in December 2007 and shot a few videos there which made their way onto my Youtube channel. In the past few days, I have spotted an interesting increase in the number of viewings they are getting. So I checked out what was happening and discovered that they are featured on the French version of Google Earth. If you go to the satellite image of Mayotte, you can see the island peppered with images of my videos! Let's just hope all those French speaking people who are viewing them can speak English. I'm not sure if my O'level French is up to doing a translation!

Talking of electronic communications, I went to the Parliamentary Party meeting this evening at the end of which, one MP amusingly feigned surprise that I wasn't on the allotment or preserving food. Seems as though people on Facebook at least are following our attempts to become self-sufficient.

And talking of that, we have bought or are in the process of buying equipment to help us achieve our aim of providing most of our own food. One of the purchases was a new, large food processor which came with an eye watering array of attachments. I tried it out last night though it took me most of the evening to assemble it and get it working. Fun times ahead however. On learning of the acquisition of the new equipment, expectations of an increased supply of home made food have gone up in Cowley St.

Back to electronic communications. I finished the next edition of North East Democrat on Monday. This is the email newsletter I produce for Lib Dems in the region. I always send it to in addition to people on my media list. As a result, I discovered that journalists do pass it on to each other. One Chronicle journalist emailed me to ask to go on the circulation list. She'll end up getting my eFocuses as well!

Anyway, my train journey is about to end and I am heading off for the pub quiz. We haven't won so far this year. Hopefully tonight will see an improvement.

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Matthew Huntbach said...

I haven't been to Mayotte, but I have been to the larger French dependency round there, RĂ©union. I can recommend it, in my opinion much better than Mauritius. Many people aren't aware that France made these places an integral part of France - so they elect French MPs, have French welfare payments etc. I spoke to someone from Mayotte while in RĂ©union, he had no English and my French is rudimentary, but I do recall him saying he was very glad Mayotte didn't follow the Comoros into independence, the phrase "beaucoup des coups" was repeated several times.