Monday, January 12, 2009

The Monday morning blog: National Express starting the year as they intend carrying on

I would have been hopping mad had I been booked on the 7.40am train from Newcastle to London today. This is the fast service to London and the one National Express loves to cancel. And today, yet again rather than bother themselves with putting on the scheduled service, National Excess has cancelled the service they regard as optional. The train arrived as scheduled from Edinburgh and at that point was withdrawn from service, complete with all the passengers on board, and then converted to the slow service leaving at 7.52am (the service on which I am booked). The seat reservations for the 7.52am have been cancelled which means it's a free-for-all as passengers race to get what seats are available.

In December, on the first anniversary of National Excess getting the franchise, they claimed in the Journal that everything was improving and going well. Frankly, National Excess couldn't run a Hornby trainset, never mind a real one. It seems however that they are starting the year as they intend carrying on.

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