Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bitten on the arse!

This will bring a smile to the faces of opponents! I have just finished delivering my Focus leaflet in Marley Hill village in my ward. Three quarters of the way round I got bitten by a cocker spaniel. The clue as to which part of my anatomy was the recipient of these canine fangs is in the title. Fortunately, my jeans took most of the force. Maybe the owner is not a Lib Dem supporter! Fangs a lot!

I have now retired to the office to print more focus leaflets! Seems as though I can't get enough of an opportunity to get out and meet man's best friend. Well, I suppose I need something to get my teeth into! I will be going home soon to have a bite to eat.

I think that's enough of that!

On other matters, I am pleased to announce that we finished building the greenhouse this afternoon. And we spent the morning happily wandering around a garden centre at Hexham, taking Dad with us, to stock up on seed potatos, onion sets etc. It was the sort of garden centre that caters for the allotment holder. Amazing the sort of thing that now gets us excited!

After that we went to the farmers' market at Gibside. Dad seemed to think he was in the local supermarket and stocked up for the next few weeks.

Anyway, print run is about to come to an end......

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JackP said...

Reminds me of the joke about the candidate for councillor who is wary of going into a garden as there is a large, snarling, and very vicious-looking dog there.

Nevertheless, he steels himself - every vote is important - makes his way in, and rings on the doorbell. The man invites him in, and the dog, snarling and snapping at his heels, follows him in.

As he sits there, having a cup of tea, discovering that the man might well vote for him, the dog is issuing a lot of low growls at him, and just as the man indicates he's always spotted that political party, the dog craps on the carpet.

The house owner says nothing, and the candidate is so disgusted the hygiene of his potential voter, that he decides to make his excuses and leave.

He gets up to go, and is half-way down the man's drive before the man calls after him: "Hey! Aren't you going to take your dog with you?"