Friday, February 06, 2009

What's coming up this weekend

Ideally I could have done without it but tomorrow morning I am going to Gateshead to train one constituency on doing email newsletters and to take photos. Otherwise I would have spent the time on the allotment. We have a greenhouse and a fruit cage to build. I guess I will get down there on Saturday afternoon, assuming there is no further snowfall.

I do however, have to finish the next Parliamentary Campaigner. I have pencilled in Saturday evening for that as we are publishing on Sunday. I expect to be back down on the allotment on Sunday as well. Building that greenhouse is going to take more than one afternoon!

Meanwhile, I appear yet again to have missed the snow actually falling. When it came down heavy in London, I was in Gateshead. When I was in London this week, it came down in Gateshead. And now I am on the Newcastle train from London and I have just had a text from Richard in London telling me it's snowing there!

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JackP said...

Talking of email newsletters and the like, have you or your fellow councillors given any consideration to twittering?

I note that an increasing number of councillors are doing so, whether in a personal, semi-official, or official capacity...