Monday, February 09, 2009

Weekend round up - pheasants, photos and greenhouses

The weekend was split between securing my future food supply and taking photos for the Lib Dems! Saturday morning was the Lib Dem training session at Gateshead Civic Centre and I went down to Gateshead Quays with our three Euro candidates to take photos. My other Lib Dem bits over the weekend included work on a Focus and the next Parliamentary Campaigner (due out today, Monday).

We also built a greenhouse. The bits were assembled in the front room on Saturday afternoon. We then simply carried them over to the allotment and with Dad's help assembled the whole thing, minus the glass. Glazing is next week's job.

In between all this, we found time to pluck and gut a couple of pheasants. We were also given 2 woodock. This was a new food source for us so we plumbed the depths of the internet, and our collection of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall books to find out what to do with them. Apparently, you do not remove the head or guts and you eat them on toast. We've decided to give that a go next weekend! If we live to tell the tale, I'll make sure you are the first to hear it!

Meanwhile, another food experiment was conducted. In the autumn I made acorn flour. All very experimental but all part of our move towards food self-sufficiency. Last night I made 3 loaves of bread using the flour, 2 of which are coming down to London with me. Cowley St colleagues will be used to test this bread. I tried some this morning and was rather pleased with the result.

I'm now on the train heading to London. The person sitting in front of me is having a loud phone conversation. I think she is practising her entry for the "let's squeeze into a phone conversation the entire family history including all the embarrassing bits that other people on the train really don't want to hear" competition. Sounds like a winning entry.

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