Thursday, October 29, 2009

Growth in US and continued recession in UK

The failure of Labour on the economy and their absurd posturing that they "saved the world" and are "leading" the world out of recession have been exposed yet again today. The growth figures in the US just announced add that country to the list of countries out of recession. The list includes the Eurozone and Japan. China never went into recession. So all the leading economies are now out of recession, all except the UK.

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Matthew Huntbach said...

Why are you saying "failure of Labour" when it is really a failure of where this country has been driven to by its governments since 1979? To put it down as "failure of Labour" is to hand propaganda points to Cameron who is saying this, while failing to hit home with the fact that the only difference between Labour and the Conservatives is that the Conservatives wanted more and deeper of what got us into this mess.

What a cheek it is for Cameron to point out that we're still in recession and France and Germany have pulled out of it, when Cameron and his supporters have been lecturing us all these years about the flabby social/christian democracy of France and Germany and how leaner fitter UK is a much better economic model. Cameron has showed us what he thinks of how France and Germany have been run by their centre right by pulling his party out of its links with them and linking up instead with some East European far right loonies.

How can it make sense for him to criticise Gordon Brown compared to Darkozy and Merkel, when Brown is to the right of Sarkozy and Merkel, and Cameron is even further to the right?

Essentially the plan pursued by all our governments since 1979 is that our country is going to make its money by having a few bull-shitting money-shufflers raking it in, and everyone else working as servants to them. By that way we'll con enough money out of the rest of the world to pay for all we need in terms of material things. We won't bother much with making or growing such things ourselves.

But now the bullshit industry has collapsed, and we find we're reliant on those guys. They've got it all neatly tied up. There it is on the dotted line "You owe us", and the threat is "You'll still owe us if we go abroad, and we won't even need you as servants. So sacrifice even more to us - there you go, sack all those health workers and teachers etc. Otherwise, it's ta ta, and thanks for all the cash".