Thursday, October 01, 2009

Scare-mongering or heros?

I couldn't let this go by without comment. Earlier this month I moved a motion at Gateshead Council about rail services. It was in response to a proposal by Network Rail that a high speed rail network be built that bypasses the North East. I say "moved" - the reality was that I was shouted down and constantly interrupted by Labour. And I was accused of "scare-mongering" for raising the issue. Quite why raising an issue of major importance is "scare-mongering" is beyond me. Are we supposed to remain silent each time something important happens? Perhaps that is Gateshead Labour's approach.

Anyway, what do we have at the Labour conference at this moment? - a debate about rail on the East Coast! Presumably that means in Gateshead Labour's eyes that Labour conference is "scare-mongering". Or is it just that Labour regards anything we do as "scare-mongering" yet when they raise the same issue, Labour regards themselves as "heros". (And everyone else regards them as hypocrites.)

Anyway, the Labour conference has now moved on to a speech by Defence Secretary Bill Ainsworth. He is a very worthy guy but his speaking style is deadly dull.

I'd better sort out remaining conference photos and video instead.
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