Thursday, October 01, 2009

Singing to keep up spirits

It is the end of Labour conference. I'm watching it now as the socialist brethren attempt to sing their way through the "Red Flag". After a decade under Blair in which the singing of this anthem of the left was likely to result in a knock on the hotel door in the early hours of the morning with delegates hauled off to visit the Labour Stasi, the result is obvious: very few of the "brothers and sisters" know the words. Mumbling from some, suspicious looks at the hymnsheet from others! It looks like a bad X Factor audition! I wonder whether they are singing just to keep up spirits.

I'm not sure whether or not putting up the Lady Harriet as the warm up to the singalong was meant to be a stroke of genius or sheer bad planning. I suppose it depends on your viewpoint. For me, I am in the former category. The more the Lady Harriet is seen by the voters, the less the voters will warm to Labour. Keep up the good word mi lady.

I did however fall off my seat laughing when she tried to make out Nick Clegg constantly changes his mind (no he doesn't) and then went on to claim that Britain was leading the world on bankers' bonuses. This from the party that at a European meeting just a few weeks ago was arguing against statutory controls on, you guessed it, bankers' bonuses.

Anyway, the "socialist" brethren have now ended their jamboree and next up is the Conservative bash. That should be entertaining.
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