Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Bee rescue job - the video

Yesterday was another early start for me as we needed to be in the old Sun Hill in Sunniside at 7.30am to move the three hives we had set up last week containing the feral bee colonies I had rescued from the roof space of the building. We have moved the hives temporarily to one of my apiaries but their eventual location will be the land next to Marley Hill Community Centre. Our aim is to take over this land to turn it into community gardens and allotments. At the management committee meeting yesterday, we agreed that the hives will be part of a community beekeeping project and future honey sales will support the Community Centre.

The video above was filmed over the past week - from when I first checked out the colonies, through cutting them from the roof to put into hives, to taking them to my apiary. The last filming was done yesterday morning. I had the video edited in time to give it a premiere viewing at the monthly Sunniside Local History Society meeting last night. It was well received.

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