Saturday, May 10, 2014

Dodging the rain

It started well, a day dedicated to deliveries. I started in the morning and delivered letters and leaflets to my own constituents in Sunniside and then moved on to Marley Hill. After a quick call on Dad's allotment there, I went home. The sun was still shining, sort of, at that point. Lunch back home and then I headed down to the Watergate Estate. In between bursts of heavy rain, I managed to deliver a couple of hundred letters and leaflets. Alas, the outer layer of leaflets in the bundle I was carrying got a thorough soaking and ended up looking like a Labour policy commitment - wet, mushy and falling apart on one's hands. Fortunately, those underneath were dry and deliverable (the latter is not a word I would associate with Labour policy).

Meanwhile, the Labour leaflet in my ward has arrived but no sight yet of the local UKIP or Conservative leaflets (we haven't had a Conservative local election leaflet delivered here for 24 years.) We also have a 5th party standing in my ward - "Trade Unionists and Socialists Against the Cuts". By my reckoning, this is the first time ever in my ward that a socialist has ever stood.

Less than 2 weeks to go now until it's all over.

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