Friday, May 02, 2014

Some photos from the inside of Sun Hill

Demolition of Sun Hill Aged Person's Home is progressing well. I was in the building this morning before 8am to rescue 3 feral honey bee colonies. It gave me the opportunity to snap a handful of photos of the building before it is gone forever.

Sun Hill is being demolished because a new Sun Hill has been built on neighbouring land. This new Sun Hill rather exposes the lie of the Labour party that the Coalition is denying our area any money (claims which are normally tied up with Lib-Dems-eat-your-babies-for-breakfast allegations by the so-called "socialists" of the Labour party in Gateshead). The new building was paid for with government cash.

Meanwhile, I can report that the rescue of the bee colonies appears to be successful. They will be the start of the community beekeeping project I am setting up.

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