Sunday, July 24, 2016

Chopwell and Rowlands Gill Action Day

Chopwell Rowlands Gill Action Day July 16 (2)

Yesterday we held an action day in Chopwell and Rowlands Gill ward. There is to be a by-election there in what has normally been a strong Labour ward. Our aim was to get our Focus leaflet delivered across most of the ward. Apart from a few small patches, job just about done.

I bumped into Labour cabinet member and ward Councillor Michael McNestry who, I am pleased to report, was not at that point working his ward but instead was sunbathing. He made a comment about needing to go to the toilet and that our leaflet would come in handy. I guess he could use all his Corbyn or Smith leaflets for the same exercise, depending on which wing of the Labour party to which he belongs (an unknown quantity as I can't recall any recent political comment that helps to identify his political leanings - assuming he has any.)

Thanks to all those who came from Sunderland and Co Durham to help. Job well done!

Chopwell Rowlands Gill Action Day July 16 (1)

Chopwell Rowlands Gill Action Day July 16 (4)

Chopwell has a history of leftwing politics. So it was with great interest that I found myself delivering Lenin Terrace and Marx Terrace!

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