Monday, July 11, 2016

The Brexit earthquake continues

So, Theresa May is to be the new Prime Minister. Having just got home from an advisory group meeting at Gateshead Civic Centre, and a meeting with Council Leader Martin Gannon, I switched on the news and saw it unfolding in front of me. It swept into oblivion the launch of the Angela Eagle campaign to cement Jeremy Corbyn into his role as Labour "leader". From what I understand, the Labour membership surge is based on armchair social media leftwingers joining to protect the position of Corbyn. The Eagle may be daring to take on the "Leader" but she is likely to end up plucked and gutted and passed onto a taxidermist who will convert her into a stuffed trophy for the left who are rampaging through the Labour Party at the moment, destroying all in their wake.

The chances of an early election are, I feel, small, but we need to be ready for it just in case. On that basis I have allowed my name to go forward for Blaydon under the shortened, emergency selection process. It was easier than having my arm twisted.

I have been in politics for 35 years and I have never before lived through political times like this. The Brexit earthquake is still producing aftershocks and it seems that the epicentre is in the Labour Party. Expect the Conservatives to pull together. The big issues that split them was whether or not to be in Europe. In Conservative eyes that has been resolved. If they have any sense, they will let this Parliament run its full course, giving plenty of time for Labour to self-destruct.

Labour are destroying themselves, the Lib Dems are not strong enough to launch a nationwide battle with the Conservatives (though watch out for some interesting local battles) and UKIP have a serious question to answer about what point they serve now that they've had the referendum. The danger now is that Britain drifts into a one party Tory state (with Scotland as an SNP one-party state). The fight is now on to stop that happening.

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