Friday, July 22, 2016

Selected for Blaydon

goat milking July 16

I was in the middle of turning 20 litres of milk from my goat Pinkie into cheese this morning when I got an email from the regional candidates' chair saying that I am now officially the Lib Dem candidate for Blaydon constituency. If there is to be an election under the current boundaries, I will be going head to head with Labour's Dave Anderson (assuming he stands again), Shadow Secretary of State for Just About Everything. Dave is a Corbyn loyalist, a view not necessarily shared by all his staff. But he is a pleasant bloke who has found himself at the top of the greasy pole more by accident than by design.

So, to celebrate my selection, I am helping boost the UK's production levels on the day it is reported there is a big slump in economic activity. Sadly, the cheese I produce won't do much to boost the economy. It cannot be sold, or even swapped, until I have gone through registration and inspection with the Food Standards Agency. That onerous job is still on the to-do list. So, in addition to my self-sufficiency activities, I am writing another Focus and an eFocus.

So while Labour are kicking the proverbials out of each other, I'll get on with running an election campaign.

Photo: me last night milking Pinkie.

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