Monday, July 11, 2016

Getting my ducks (and chicks) in a row at Whickham Community Festival

Whickham Community Festival July 16 (10)

Saturday saw Whickham play host to the Village's Community Festival, organised by Lighting Up Whickham, of which I am a member. As usual, I brought along some of my animal - in this case a duckling and 5 chicks. I was thinking of bringing one of my goats but the paperwork required to move her off the site where we keep her is significant and time consuming (and time was something in short supply in the past couple of weeks).

I also had a table selling our preserves and promoting self-sufficiency and surplus food swaps. The day went well other than the one and a half hours of rain from about midday. Despite that, I was cleared out of my eggs and most of my jams. (Whoever said under the Lib Dems it's jam tomorrow got it wrong.)

Theme for the day was the 1960s and 1970s. Alas, I had none of my clothes from either of those decades left. And if I did, and I were able to fit in them, I would be rather worried!

Whickham Community Festival July 16 (4)

Whickham Community Festival July 16 (9)

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