Monday, August 08, 2016

Door-knocking in Rowlands Gill

We had another action day in Rowlands Gill on Saturday. Our aim was to deliver 800 leaflets and knock on 400 doors. That was exactly what we achieved! We have not worked this ward since before the Coalition years so the response of people to us in what was effectively virgin territory was always going to be interesting and revealing. As people opened their doors to us, the initial response was one of surprise. Many were then pleased to see us. That's not to say everyone was. A number said that they weren't interested in politics (some of whom made comments about all politicians being the same). We came across one person who votes Labour locally and Conservative nationally (I suspect that was a personal vote for John Hamilton, the Labour councillor who has resigned). We also found a number of Labour supporters who are abandoning their party because they don't like Jeremy Corbyn. We even found people who are Lib Dem supporters! All-in-all, we were pleased with the day.

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