Friday, August 12, 2016

Gatecrashing the Rally of the Deluded: vlog no. 3 outside the Labour hustings

Yesterday, Jeremy Corbyn came to Gateshead for the Labour leadership hustings. I found out that the Corbyn fan club would be gathering outside the Hilton Hotel, venue for the hustings, to welcome the Beloved Leader. I decided to turn up with cameras and enjoy at close hand the Labour Party in self-destruct mode. It is, after all, the peak season for blood sports.

The BBC reporter was amused by my presence when he saw me. I assured him that I was there for the entertainment value and to get some photos and video. It was noticeable that there was not a single Smith poster, banner, leaflet or even supporter. Excluding the media, police, hotel staff and myself, everyone outside the Hilton was a Corbynista. I learnt from the BBC that Smith was entering the building via the back door! My guess is that his campaign will be leaving via the back door in September when the result is declared.

Anyway, the Beloved Leader swept in, got out of his car, got mobbed by the media and then waved to the waiting fan club. He was then ushered into the building. Outside, the Rally of the Deluded continued with a rendition of "The Red Flag" though clearly too few people knew the words to keep up a sustained singalong.

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