Sunday, August 14, 2016

Pinkie on parade at Chase Park

Chase Park Funday Aug 16 (2)

I was invited by the organisers to bring some of our animals to the Family Funday at Chase Park in Whickham yesterday. While the movement of chickens, ducks and quails to a fair is straightforward, I had to get a special permit from DEFRA to take one of our goats - and it was a goat in particular that the organisers wanted me to bring. Pinkie, our milking goat made the short journey to Chase Park and was very popular with people of all ages. She decided however that she was not going to stay in the area that was fenced off for her so we put her on a lead and one of us had to walk her around the spot where we were set up with all our poultry.

Chase Park Funday Aug 16 (4)

Chase Park Funday Aug 16 (3)

My guess is Pinkie will be invited back to future events.

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