Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Cowley St feels deserted

My train into London yesterday was half empty, a pleasant change from the sardine tin mode of travel I normally endure. The same today. Seems as though many are not starting back at work immediately after New Year. The same seems to have happened in Cowley St. Where is everyone? Yesterday, I was the only person in our office to be in work. Today, Laura from Policy is here. But otherwise, HQ feels a bit deserted.

I couldn't even work late last night. Cowley St is usually open til 9pm when Lib Dem Calling leave. However, LDC seem to be enjoying an extended break so I left the office at 6.30pm instead. I used the additional time at home to phone constituents instead. That was quite enjoyable.

And once it became too late to phone people, I sorted the December press cuttings instead. It was interesting following the war between Tyne Bridge Labour MP Dave Clelland and Gateshead East Labour MP Sharon Hodgson over the selection for the new Gateshead constituency. The victor was Dave Clelland. I'm not a fan of blood sports but on this occasion I was prepared to make an exception! Both had, for the past 2 months, been producing press releases as if their lives depended on it (as indeed their political lives partially did!) And now we are back to silence from both of them. Press cuttings about either have now dried up.

Frankly, I won't be sorry to see the back of Sharon Hodgson, a talentless, shallow union hack. Presumably she'll now inflict herself on some other constituency.


Guido Fawkes Esq. said...

They've all joined the Tories.

Jonathan Wallace said...

Or perhaps they're just making room for the Councillors in Mole Valley, Dover and Crawley who have just joined us from the Conservatives.