Thursday, January 25, 2007

Red meat

On walking into Gateshead Civic Centre this afternoon for full council, I got talking to a Labour member who will remain nameless. He had clearly enjoyed the spectacle of a certain Labour MP, Dave Anderson from Blaydon, in the press for the investigation by the Serjeant at Arms into his Labour party mail shot that went out on Commons headed notepaper, in the Parliamentary prepaid mail. (See my blog entry for Wednesday).

"You seemed to enjoy your red meat this week!" the Labour member told me.

I will not repeat the description he offered for Mr Anderson's activities! Perhaps there are a number of people in the local Labour party who are unimpressed by Mr Anderson. His posturing as the left wing rebel and "working class" trade unionist probably helped him to get the Labour nomination for the 2005 general election. But since the polls he has spent his time slavishly backing the government. I can imagine therefore a large number of Labour members who are unimpressed by him.

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