Friday, January 05, 2007

I should be so lucky, lucky. lucky, lucky.....

Kylie Minogue started her concert tour in the UK on New Year's Eve in London. She is appearing at Wembly again tonight. Alas, yes I am going!

Had the decision been left to me I probably would have returned home this weekend. However, in July last year I made the mistake of letting Richard use my debit card to buy one ticket over the phone. "They cost only £20," I was assured. Two tickets and £110 later and I decided to rescue some of this conspicuous consumption for myself.

So one of the tickets became his Christmas present and the other is for me.

I have to confess I did see Kylie back in 2000 when she was in Hammersmith (and a much smaller location). I enjoyed it then and I guess I'll enjoy it tonight!

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Niles said...

Hah. My partner P is on a train with a mate of his bound to see Kylie tonight as well. Wave if you see him!