Monday, January 01, 2007

A few pics from the the past week

Usual habit. I've taken a bucket load of photos over the past week. And only got round to sorting them now. Fortunately, I've only put 5 on the blog!
Richard sings "The Hills are alive to the sound of music" to my sister Esther and her boyfriend Ian on Seaton Sluice beach on Boxing Day.
Me and Richard at the Albert pub for New Year. At that point I was brewing up quite a cold. I now feel pretty rotten!
3 Brothers (Matthew, Andrew and me), sister Esther and my niece Lily at Esther's birthday party at her house in Newcastle.
Xmas day: Ian and David hog Lily's new lego for themselves - Lily didn't get a look in!
Esther walks into a surprise birthday dinner with boyfriend Ian.

Esther turns up at a restaurant with Ian to celebrate her birthday only to find another 20 surprise guests there as well.

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