Friday, July 24, 2009

Another byelection gain from Labour in Redcar

The Dormanstown byelection in Redcar was held yesterday and the count was this morning. Another gain from Labour. Well done to all our people there.

The ward, previously safely Labour, had a byelection in April which resulted in our first gain from Labour. All we had to do was repeat the result. We did just that but the other parties saw their votes fall.

By the way, another North East result with the Conservatives in 4th place. The biggest losers in votes however appears to be the BNP.

Lib Dems 805
Lab 515
bnp 145
Con 73
Turnout 29.8%

April 2009:
LibDem 809
Lab 667
BNP 305
Con 125

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Sandy Waddle said...

An awful result for the bnp, no doubt about it. Blaming the uaf doesn't explain it away either. There was a similarly poor result in a council by-election in Stockport where their vote declined dramatically on the June 4th figure.

The most perplexing result for them was in Norwich North where they lost their deposit. The fake reverend West, nutter of that parish, was their candidate. Some bnp members have been so incensed by his selection that they've started to criticise their "leadership".

Chief among those critics is Gateshead's Kevin Scott. Scott has pointed to the lack of the Leadership's (Griffin's) presence in the by-election. Griffin, of course, has been keeping his seat warm in the European Parliament figuring out his salary and expenses. Because the bnp is a cult based around Griffin, there's no-one else with the clout, nouse or standing of Cyclops to keep the show on the road while he's doing his Euros to £ calculations. Kevin sees this and can't help commenting on it.

Less insightful members will find Kevin's observations challenging. The leadership will put them down to a fit of pique at not being chosen for a European job while bulls knackers like Mark Walker are selected. Scott's experience, skills and contacts clearly mark him out as the ideal candidate for a Euro position,

Stick to your principles, Kev! Don't let the bastards grind you down.

kevin scott (loves the jam) said...

Look Paul, do us all a favour when you start threads on here and use your correct name. I do, so why don't you? People might also take you more seriously, if you do.

Also, I'm gratified you read my facebook profile so assidously. Keep reading, you may learn more. Why did your alter ego 'Mike Hartman' delete his, incidentally?

I criticise the leadership all the time. Didn't you notice that? I also praise it when it gets things right, such as the Euro election breakthrough. You must have noticed that. You get paid enough (taxpayers' money) to do so!

Yes, the Redcar result was disappointing, but surely more disappointing for Labour, who were actually defending the seat and lost!

Moreover, stop trying to cause division where none exists. Your snidey remarks are mildly amusing, but save them for the likes of John Eagle, Gateshead's sock puppet mayor, in your regular email missives about the nationalist scene in the North East.

Your concern is always welcome and appreciated.

Incidentally, do you still allow internal debate within TWAFA or does Nigel still bore the arse off everyone? Unlike Unison (something I'm sure Mr Bakhsh would agree with me about!), whose factional struggles are always more interesting (and funny) than both TWAFA's and the BNP's.

Sandy Waddle said...

Touchy, touchy Kevin.

Your facebook is so boring - regurgitating Daily Mail bile with a bit spin to titillate your American/Continental nazi friends.

You're not running your own "pressure group" because no one takes any notice of it. Get a proper job, man. That's why it must be so galling to see MW selected before you. You're streets ahead of him.

Where do you stand on Alan v. Ken?
The smart money's on Ken. And you're always smart, Kevin, aren't you?

kevin scott said...

Too right, Paul!

Incidentally, I prefer the Guardian to the Daily Mail, as you well know.

As for no one taking notice of my "pressure group". You obviously do, Paul!! lol