Saturday, July 18, 2009

At the Pink Picnic in the Park

I was asked by Newcastle Lib Dems to help run the stand at the Pink Picnic in the Park in Leazes Park. So here I am on the stand surrounded by muddy paths and squelching ground. Just like being on the allotment! Fortunately the rain is holding off for now.

Greg Stone, our candidate for Newcastle East and hopefully slayer of the ineffectual Nick Brown at the general election, has had to leave suddenly as someone has broken into his car and let off the hand brake. So his car started to head down the bank! Given the stands here at the Picnic are on a bit of a slope, and the ground is rather wet, I also feel we are slipping down the slope. Leazes Lake is getting that bit closer!

Meanwhile, the signatures on Fiona Hall MEP's petition on recognising same sex partnerships across Europe is gathering quite a few signatures. Greg should be back soon to take over the stand, hopefully before we end up in the lake!

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1 comment:

Daniel said...

I totally missed the petition, how annoying! Mind you, I was trying to stay upright whilst nursing a newly-formed blister.

Glad you enjoyed Pride.