Sunday, July 26, 2009

Would you believe it - I'm heading down to London

I haven't quite escaped from London it seems. I am now at Newcastle Central waiting for my (delayed) National Excess train to Kings Cross. The trip is for a variety of reasons. Firstly, I need to check my flat there is in good health. Secondly, I am continuing to run the photo ops for candidates at conference and I need to sort out some issues regarding that. Thirdly, I need to take jam into Cowley St. Apparently there is a jam famine there and the troops are ready to rebel if their marmalade and jam demands are not met! And finally I need to sort out my garden in London.

I am there til Thursday when I go up to North Wales for a short break (which also includes taking photos and video of historic landmarks for a project on which I am working.)

I will be back home a week tomorrow. David as usual is holding the fort in my absence.

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