Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fiona Hall's celebration party

I went to Fional Hall's celebration party this afternoon in the Biscuit Factory (it's an art gallery, not a production centre for dunking materials) in Newcastle. Fiona was re-elected as MEP for the North East last month so we were all in good spirits, especially as the region got the highest Lib Dem share of the vote in the UK. The biggest subject of conversation raised with me by people was the Good Life and how we are coping with self-sufficiency.

Talking of which, I went down to Beggarswood at Lobley Hill this morning to check out the supply of wild cherries. It's not in my ward but I was recognised by some LH residents and ended up getting some casework to do!

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kevin scott said...

The North East saw the highest Lib Dem share of the vote in the country at the recent European election!

My goodness.

That indicates to me the Lib Dems did very poorly nationally in that election then.

A cause for concern perhaps, particularly in light of an imminent general election?