Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bromley shows true colours of Tories

So, there we have it, true-blue Tory Bromley is going to subsidise private schools with council taxpayers' money. It is somewhat unfortunate that my London home falls (just) within the boundaries of Bromley and therefore I have to endure, when I am there (not so often these days) a Tory dominated council which now looks set to take from the majority to give to a fortunate minority.

Bromley is also the provider of schools for that part of London. Bromley Local Education Authority are not exactly giving themselves a vote of confidence in their own ability to run schools if they are paying people to escape from them.

And this move hardly smacks of the compassionate Conservatism David Cameron would have us believe his party now supports.
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Foregone Conclusion said...

When you say 'subsidise', do you mean a straight subsidy, or is it to provide scholarships for less well off children? I'd be far less hostile towards the latter, despite my general dislike of private education, and I know that my council did something similar until a couple of years ago.