Saturday, August 15, 2009

Osborne as slayer of bonuses - and Hannan a fan of NHS

Are we really meant to believe that little pipsqueak George Osborne believes in banning bank bonuses? Was this not the same person who two years ago was arguing that we needed even less regulation of the City than even Labour's light touch approach gave us? He must be having a laugh. George Osborne as slayer of bank bonuses - next they'll be saying Daniel Hannan loves the NHS.

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JaneWatkinson said...

Totally agree. Fortunately, it appears that the FSA and City don't quite buy that either, and have shot him down. As Mandelson said, Osborne only said what he did to try and please the Guardian readership, and thankfully it has totally backfired on him. It has just further shown him to be the opportunistic person he is and the Tories are.

JaneWatkinson said...
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