Thursday, August 20, 2009

Frank Fields and the Lady Harriet

Hardly a month goes by without a call from Labour maverick Frank Fields on Gordon Brown to resign. The latest call is a bit different. It includes high praise for the Lady Harriet. It seems that Fields believes Harman will help Labour avoid a crushing election defeat.

As a Lib Dem who has no desire to see the "socialist" brethren continue in office where they operate a reverse midas touch (they seem to be able to convert gold into lead), I back the idea of a Lady Harriet Labour leadership. She really would scare the horses! Her voice sounds like someone dragging fingernails down a blackboard. And whilst Labour would undoubtedly play the anti-privilege card against Cameron, with Lady Harriet at the helm, they would simply come over as an even bigger bunch of hypocrites than they are now.

So, all power to Frank Fields call. The only problem is that in Labour, his support is seen as the kiss of death. Perhaps we should persuade him to come out against the Lady instead!
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wit and wisdom said...

There's only one Frank Field - thank God.

Nice to see him making sense for once, although I still think New Labour are better off sticking with their leader as any change will just look like panic...And dear Harriet is no Mandelson. They're barely the same species.

Anonymous said...

Something you should read ...

Amongst other things, it shows how 700 rapes are turned into 70,000 by people like Harriet Harman in order to pursue their own ambitions.


kevin scott said...

Interesting letter in yesterday's Observer by a North East Labour bigshot entitled: 'Lib Dems' ill-gotten gains'.

It reads thus:

"The Lib Dems may, or may not, have inadvertently broken electoral law over the £2.4m they received from convicted fraudster Michael Brown ("Lib Dems face £2.4m funds investigation", News, 16 August). At least as significant, however, is the continued failure of a party that perpetually claims to occupy the high moral ground in British politics to return any of the money to its rightful owners."

Jeremy Beecham

Of course, the obvious response is to ask what happened to the money donated to the Labour party by the other dodgy donor, albeit via proxies, and Beecham's good friend from Newcastle, Mr Abrahams.

If only the Lib Dems and Tories would stand aside in Beecham's ward (Benwell & Scotswood), situated miles from where he actually lives. I'm sure my party could wipe the smile from his smug face, Jonathan!

Any chance your party will lose the nomination papers for that ward next year?