Saturday, August 29, 2009

Off to Cambridge

Having spent most of the week I am now heading up to Cambridge. This required a journey across London this morning. This was a human obstacle course par excellence. It started on arrival at Victoria Station where the queues for ticket machines put wartime Britain in the shade.

That would not have been relevant for me if I did not have to recharge my oyster card. So I joined a queue, took ages to get to the machine and had to have 2 goes at operating it as it was being temperamental. With my card recharged I headed off through a packed tube system to Kings Cross where I was met by a wall of people. Kings Cross must have been celebrating human sardines in a tin day. I am on the Cambridge train now which itself is doing the sardines in a tin impersonation. I should be there in 20 minutes.

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kevin scott said...

That is what happens when you have uncontrolled immigration, Jonathan!