Monday, August 24, 2009

Heading down to London

Well, it's groundhog day! It's Monday and I am on a train heading to London. At least it's not first thing in the morning. I certainly don't miss those early morning trains to London. I was however up at a reasonably early hour this morning. Our candidate Neil Bradbury called to have some photos done in Sunniside before he went to work. So we were out on the Front St to catch the rush hour.

At least it meant I had a good start on a piece of literature I need to produce. I was able to finish it before leaving to catch the bus to Newcastle.

An editorial board meeting of Parliamentary Campaigner, which I edit, is the reason for the trip. I'm staying down for a few days so I can sort out the flat and garden there as well. And I need to get some photos around London. So it's not going to be an action packed week.

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