Sunday, January 03, 2010

Fighting for everything he has got?

No early election, screams BBC News 24. And then you look at what Gordon Brown said. He expects a Labour budget. That was the basis for the no early election claim. Whilst 6th May remains the most likely date, nothing he said rules out 25th March, the date that would allow Labour to go to the polls without having a budget. Still, I would put my money on 6th May, were I a betting person (which I am not!)

One interesting point I heard Brown make on the Andrew Marr programme was his claim that he had always had to fight for what he has. That isn't quite how I remember the Labour leadership election in 2007. That was a Stalinist triumph of an unopposed coronation. It happened because Brown's opponents had previously been bullied and brow-beaten into inaction and because Labour are stuffed full of spineless jellies looking for a place in government. But Brown hardly had to "fight" for the leadership. A little bit of rewriting of history is a favourite activity by Labour!
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