Friday, January 29, 2010

Putting best foot forward for healthy living

Yesterday saw the launch of Gateshead Council's healthy living campaign. Councillors are taking part to encourage others to do so as well. Last week we were asked to make a commitment to change something in our lifestyle that will lead to better health. Yesterday the launch involved a walk from the old town hall, down to the Quayside and back again. I decided to bring some extra weights to carry in the form of my cameras. This of course meant that for the photo op, I was on the wrong side of the camera and other than a few shots one of the photographer took with my camera, I didn't get to star in the pics.

However, I did snap this one. Not sure if it is Council Leader Mick Henry explaining to an officer he doesn't like his report, or he is just posing for the photo!

Mick Henry photographer Jan 10

The following was taken on the Millennium Bridge. A case of putting best foot forward to encourage people to take exercise every day. I'm the one in the red coat in the middle.

health walk Jan 10

Meanwhile, yesterday evening I went over to Newcastle Business School for the launch of "The Three Secrets of Green Business" by Griff Kane, a Lib Dem councillor in Newcastle. There was a healthy contingent of Lib Dems there including Neil Bradbury.

Griff Kane book lanuch Jan 10 no 2

Griff (real name Gareth) with his book (1500 already sold!):

Griff Kane book lanuch Jan 10 no 3

And finally, where there is Jonathan, the laws of nature dictate you find cameras:

Jonathan camera Jan 10

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