Monday, January 18, 2010

I can appreciate his disappointment

Say what you might about Blaydon Labour MP David Anderson, and I often do, but one issue that he has led on and which is close to his heart is the campaign for compensation for sufferers of pleural plaques, a form of asbestosis. A judgement by the House of Lords a few years ago overturned the previous position in which sufferers were entitled to compensation. David Anderson is campaigning for that previous position to be restored.

He was due to team up with a group of likeminded MPs and meet Gordon Brown last week to take the issue further. However, the meeting was cancelled by Downing St and Mr Anderson is, understandably, angry and disappointed.

He said, "It is imperative that the government departments who will have financial responsibilities accept their responsibility and work with us to put through the legislative changes required to reinstate the previous position. The Prime Minister needs to tell them to get on and do it. We are not going away."

I can appreciate his disappointment and frustration. I can also see where Mr Anderson is coming from. This is an illness that is more likely to afflict people who worked in the old heavy industries. Sorting out their compensation is clearly needed but the danger now is that many will not live to see it.

So on this issue Dave, good luck and hopefully you are successful.

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