Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Tories rewrite history

If only the Tories had a Tardis of their own. They would be able to go back in time and change the past rather than talking in the present as if their own history were different to what it is. The issue at point here is the Tory attempt to claim they were conned into supporting the Iraq invasion. Chris Grayling has just had a go at Alan Johnson in the Commons about this, whilst debating the recent attempted bombing of an airliner in the US. The Tory posturing is that they were conned into supporting the war. No word about the others, especially the Lib Dems, who questioned the dodgy dossier. No mention of the Tories as the cheer leaders for war. No mention of the fact the Tories failed in their duty as the opposition to hold the government to account.

Watch out for forthcoming general election claims by the Tories that they were opposed to the war, supported nationalisation of the banks and opposed privatisation of the railways. The Tory Tardis will need to be in overdrive.
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