Monday, January 04, 2010

Let battle commence

Actually, it has already begun with both Tories and Labour engaging in high profile political cross dressing. Yes, Election 2010 is underway and the first skirmishes have taken place. The Conservatives claim to be in love with the NHS - and I can imagine A&E depts of NHS hospitals today being flooded with people who fell off their seats laughing at the Tory claims. Meanwhile, Chancellor Darling highlights gaps in the Tory spending plans, carefully overlooking the rather interesting gaps in his own PreBudget Report.

Meanwhile Cameron complains about the widening gap between rich and poor under Brown. Alas, his claim is true. How his plans for inheritance tax cuts for millionaires and giving wealthy couples a tax break simply because they are married will solve this crisis is not clear.

Anyway, we now have 4 months of this. Enjoy it whilst it lasts!
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