Friday, March 20, 2015

A few recent photos from the campaign trail

Out and about in the constituency recently on the campaign trail. Above - over the A1 near the Coalhouse Roundabout to see the work on upgrading the A1. The Coalition are investing over £60 million in the improvement.

Outside the new Morrisons store in Blaydon. The council can claim some of the credit for the regeneration but at the end of the day, companies such as Morrisons will only invest in new stores if they are confident the economy is growing. And at the moment, the UK under the coalition has the fastest growing economy in the western world.

On the Team Valley - the Trading Estate is just outside of Blaydon constituency but is one of the great success stories, employing thousands of local people.

Outside my former school, Whickham. It was announced recently by Nick Clegg that the school is in the second wave of the school rebuilding programme.

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