Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Labour's personal abuse has already started to be thrown at me

Labour has already started to throw personal abuse at me, two months away from the election. At the last full council meeting, I was called "Wallace and Vomit". The description was made by John Eagle who describes himself as a "socialist". He is a Labour councillor for Bridges ward in Gateshead and is a former mayor of the borough. Sticking with his descriptive theme, I don't know if Mr Eagle would turn heads if he walked into a room full of people. Whether or not he would turn stomachs is a different matter as Mr Eagle has a history of liking vile abusive comments. In April 2012 I exposed him as the supporter of a Facebook page that backed the violent murder of Margaret Thatcher. The site contained sickening comments such as "Maggie Thatcher needs a high-5. In the Face. With a baseball bat. Several times."

Mr Eagle will no doubt read this post himself. Few meetings go by without his mentioning my blog. Indeed, at the last council meeting, as well as hurling abuse at me, he attacked my blog, not for the first time. Yet, for some reason, he keeps revisiting it.

So, with less than 60 days to go, it will be interesting to see if more abuse is thrown at me by the "socialist" chums of Labour.

Photo above: John Eagle employs his considerable skills at colouring in children's pictures.

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