Sunday, March 15, 2015

The best question so far in the campaign

I went to Lord Lawson School on Friday at the invitation of some of the teachers to talk to year 7 pupils about the general election. Two classes came together to listen to what I had to say and quiz me on various issues. The questions were quite thought provoking. My short speech and the Q&A session were recorded on video and will go onto the school's website. The children will also be voting in their own general election. I understand that other parties will be invited as well.

After about an hour the children were divided back into their classes and I went with one class to a classroom where I discovered they had already viewed some of my self-sufficiency videos. We viewed a few more and I spent some time answering questions about raising goats and poultry and keeping bees.

By far the best question so far of the entire campaign came from one of the children: what would I do if my goat had her babies in 7th May!? Fortunately she is due to give birth in late May, but if she is early, it will no doubt cause untold problems on polling day!

Pinkie: not due to have babies on polling day.

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