Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Visiting Kibblesworth and Lamesley

Following on from my visit to Birtley last Friday, I returned again to the south of the constituency today. This time it was to visit Kibblesworth and Lamesley. The main reason for the trip was to get some photos for our forthcoming Birtley eFocus but also to chat to a few people as well.

While passing Lamesley Church, I called in to check on my grandfather and great grandfather's grave. They are both buried in the same plot, at the top northern corner. Having looked at press cuttings some years ago of my great grandfather Henry's funeral in 1901, I discovered that his was the first grave in what was then a new extension of the graveyard.

My grandfather John died in 1960 but at the time no inscription was made on the gravestone. Since then, the base of the gravestone had broken and the stone itself had fallen over. I had it turned over in 2002 so that the inscription face was showing and had added John's inscription.

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