Thursday, March 05, 2015

Yet more tabloid delivery

Delivery of our latest tabloid in the Whickham area of Blaydon constituency is going well. Yesterday I lent a hand to get more out. In the morning I headed to Watergate Estate and delivered all 370 houses in and hour and a half. After lunch and a haircut in Blaydon, I headed to Dunston Hill to deliver 200. And that was where I saw one of those extremely rare sights - a Labour leaflet (there must be an election coming!). Actually, 2 Labour leaflets delivered together, one attempting unsuccessfully to try to be a local newsletter and the other from Dave Anderson MP.

The lack of any photos of the 2 sitting councillors in the one purporting to be a local newsletter is noteworthy. One of them is retiring in May and her decision to go (or was she pushed?) was mentioned only in passing. The postage stamp size photo of the Labour candidate with his "team" did not include them (I used a magnifying glass to check). There was a grudging welcome for the recently announced investment in Whickham School (though they fail to mention it is the Coalition Government making the investment). They report on plans for a new school for Front Street - we reported on this 2 years ago!

Labour's arrogant claim that they are "at the heart of our communities in Dunston and Whickham" may come as something of a surprise to the people who live in those communities. The low profile of Labour in Dunston Hill and Whickham East ward is more a case of hole in the heart rather than at the heart!

Reporting on old news and padding this "newsletter" with stories from outside the ward says to me Labour have insufficient knowledge of what's happening on the ground. Nothing new there.

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