Sunday, April 12, 2015

Delivering in Marley Hill

I got the last of the current batch of letters and Focuses delivered today in Marley Hill, the next village up from Sunniside where I live. There I encountered Poppy the hen, wandering around in her garden. She was hatched in my incubator last year and was raised by one of my brooding hens. She went to her new home a couple of weeks ago to be company for another hen (and a rabbit). The children there named her Poppy but the next day she hopped over the fence and wandered off. This sparked a number of Facebook messages to the entire village asking for people to look out for her. I picked up the messages while sitting in a scrutiny committee meeting with the environment agency! Fortunately, Poppy, as I expected, returned to her new home after a couple of hours where her wings were promptly clipped. She looked very much at home today when I delivered a letter and Focus to her new owners.

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