Monday, April 13, 2015

Freepost delivered to Royal Mail

The political anoraks who read this blog will know what an election freepost is. For the real people who aren't avid politicos, it is the leaflet from a candidate that the Royal Mail delivers to each voter in the constituency during the general election campaign. Mine was printed and put into storage last week so that it could be delivered to Royal Mail today. Frank Hindle's leaflet for Gateshead constituency was delivered with mine so it was all too much for my land rover. We therefore had to hire a van to move them to Sunderland this morning.

John McClurey, Frank and I were tasked with the job of getting the freepost to the Royal Mail.

Storage was in Felling so that was our first port of call after picking up the van.

Then off to Sunderland for the hand over.

I got to keep the pallets on which the leaflets were delivered to us. Useful building material on the allotment.

Meanwhile, the freepost leaflets should be arriving through doors this week.

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