Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Rowlands Gill public meeting

The 2nd and final public hustings meeting of the general election campaign in Blaydon took place at the Methodist Church Hall on Strathmore Road, Rowlands Gill, on Friday last week. There were two significant differences between this event and the hustings held in Birtley the week before. Firstly, the Green candidate Paul McNally attended. He was absent from the one at Birtley. Secondly, there was a much bigger audience and it was predominantly members of the public rather than Labour councillors. The UKIP candidate was yet again absent. So far there has been neither sight nor sound of him at all in the campaign.

There were no surprises and all the candidates gave a creditable performance. Conservative Alison Griffiths again suggested she was the "better looking" candidate. Labour's Dave Anderson wanted all zero hours contracts banned, a move that will no doubt solve the problem of having to go to work by making people redundant. The Green's Paul McNally offered to spend gargantuan sums of money on everything. And I got in my line about being born just after the first broadcast of Dr Who!

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