Tuesday, April 21, 2015

When mass email campaigns go wrong!

Like most other Parliamentary candidates, I've been receiving lots of emails sent out as part of mass email campaigns, most of them from the 38 Degrees Mass Email Factory. People just have to go onto the campaign website, click on the message and put in their own details in the appropriate places. But sometimes it goes wrong. I've had 2 messages so far which read:

My name’s [YOUR NAME].

"I’m a member of 38 Degrees and together with other 38 Degrees members in [YOUR CONSTITUENCY], we’d like to invite you to meet us for half an hour at [TIME, DATE AND LOCATION]. We want to deliver you a huge petition calling on you to Save Our NHS if you're elected.

"As well as receiving the petition, there’ll be the opportunity to talk to local residents and take a photo with the local press.

"Will you confirm if you will attend the petition delivery at [TIME, DATE AND LOCATION]?"

I've emailed back to [YOUR NAME] in the hope they will be able to provide me with the appropriate [TIME, DATE AND LOCATION].

I await a reply.


This was the unhelpful reply I received to my email pointing out that the original information contained no information about venue, timing etc and requesting information about the event:

Dear Jonathan,
Thank you for pointing this out to me, but I am sure mine is not the only correspondence you have received on this matter?
Kindest Regards

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