Thursday, April 09, 2015

Green target in Gateshead?

I am reliably informed that the Greens in Gateshead are rather hopeful about their prospects in Saltwell ward in the local elections on 7th May. This is a strongly Labour area and a first glance would suggest the Greens have no chance of winning. Then consider the changing demographics and a suggestion that they could pick up some of the growing student vote there and the prospects change, though in my humble opinion not by a great deal. The Green ratings go from not-a-chance to very unlikely.

To stand a chance of winning, the Greens will need to have put in a sustained campaign in the ward over a long enough period to convert enough people to Greenery to overtake Labour. I don't have enough info from any of my sources to get a reliable picture of Green campaigning in Saltwell but if the Greens were being realistic (not a term that sits comfortably with that party), they should be looking to get a noticeable improvement in their vote this May in the hope they can build on it next year. They will also have to hope the small Green bubble doesn't burst nationally and their national leadership avoids any more brain fades. Don't hold your breath!

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