Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Chocoholic kebab-scoffing Sharon takes on public health role for Comrade Corbyn

It seems that some of the minor Labour MPs who resigned their front bench positions in protest against Comrade Corbyn's waste-of-space leadership in the summer have now unresigned. While our local MP here in Blaydon, David Anderson, at least had the decency to stand by his leader and fill, not just one but 2, seats in the Shadow Cabinet, near neighbour Comrade Sharon Hodgson walked off in a blaze of abuse about her leader's inability to lead.

Of Comrade Leader Corbyn, Sharon had the following to say:

“Jeremy needs to lead his MPs as well as the membership. Sadly, Jeremy has failed to fulfil the parliamentary aspect of his role from day one.”


“Sadly, Jeremy has shown he isn't up to the job.”


Labour was “teetering on the edge of political irrelevance,” 


“Crucial swing voters will never vote for a Labour government led by Jeremy.”

Now, she's back! She is "honoured" to have been offered the role as Shadow Minister for Public Health. An interesting choice for Comrade Corbyn. Sharon is something of a chocolate-loving, kebab scoffing individual.

I prefer to set an example of healthy and sustainable living rather than lecture people on how they should be living their lives. Let's hope Sharon will do the same. We live in hope..........

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