Monday, October 17, 2016

Lone Woolfe

So, Steven Woolfe, so committed to the UKIP cause he aspired to lead, has abandoned them to go it alone, citing the ungovernable mess and the "rotten" state of the party. A rather sorry state of affairs but sadly for UKIP, one of their unique selling points now seems to be under threat from the Conservatives. Previously, UKIP had been the home to all the swivel-eyed loonies, obsessive, anti-European fruitcakes and anyone who hated the modern world. Step forward Conservative Councillor Christian Holliday, who believes those who argue in favour of the EU should be regarded as engaging in treasonable activity and be sent to prison.

Presumably, under Cllr Holliday's system of justice, Boris Johnson would have been arrested 2 days before he joined the Leave campaign.

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