Saturday, October 22, 2016

Village community looks to take on local facilities

Marley Hill tennis courts Oct 16 1

I was contacted recently by a friend and constituent in Marley Hill to ask for advice on taking over the running of the tennis courts in the village. I went up last night, after finishing a meeting at Gateshead Civic Centre about appointing a new council chief exec.

The courts in question have largely been ignored by the council over the years, even when money was available for the council to look after such facilities. Kids have often painted their own lines on the ground and put up makeshift nets.

The proposal from my constituent is that he takes over the running of the courts and uses one for football for kids, the other for tennis. I said he is pushing at an open door but suggested he moved forward gradually, walk rather than run to start off. I advised that he does some low level maintenance such as sweeping up rubbish and clearing vegetation from around the edge of the site and on the courts themselves where it is growing through the tarmac.

So hopefully, a community group will be established which will turn a neglected facility into a community asset.

Marley Hill tennis courts Oct 16 3

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